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The Beauty Division is part of movement where beauty professionals join together and build a community. A community that empowers the individual while supporting the group. Where everyone has the freedom to be their own boss and own their own salon.

We lease private, spacious style and spa suites to highly qualified, established beauty professionals who are ready to invest in themselves and their own success.

Seize the Opportunity!

The time has never been better for you to own your own salon business. Salon suites provide you with the privacy, security and flexibility to be an owner without the large costs and hassles that come with traditional salon ownership.

So if you are ready for independence and financial freedom, join us now and discover your own "Suite Success!"

Suite Amenities

  • High-End Salon Equipment

    Well-appointed with everything you need.

  • Ergonomic Flooring

    Soft flooring to reduce leg and back strain.

  • Air-Conditioning

    Air supply and returns in every suite keep you comfortable.

  • All Utilities

    Water, electricity, heating, AC, and Wi-Fi included.

  • Laundry

    On-site laundry facilities for your convenience

The Beauty Division
The Beauty Division
  • Private Studios

    Large and spacious suites with lockable doors and sound insulation.

  • Security

    Video monitor system in every suite to control access.

  • Special Lighting

    Bright and energy-efficient lighting that won’t distort your colors.

  • Water

    Tankless water heater with a recirculating pump for unlimited and instant hot water.

  • Electricity

    Independent circuits keep you working if someone else trips a breaker.

  • Parking

    Abundant and convenient parking for you and your guests.

  • Convenience

    First impressions happen in the parking lot. Our salon offers ample parking in a superior location.

  • Security

    No matter what time you are working, you’ll always feel safe. Our 24-hour security system records all activity in the common areas and is state-of-the-art. And each suite is equipped with video monitoring to see who’s at the door before buzzing them in!

  • Efficiency

    Automated lighting, custom-engineered air balancing, separate electrical circuits, and constant water pressure let you focus on your client, not the building.

The Beauty Division

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The Beauty Division