Private Style & Spa Suites

Making salon ownership easy

Hassle-Free & Drama-Free Salon Suites in Premier Locations.

The Beauty Division

IT'S A Suite opportunity!

The Beauty Division


Well-appointed salon equipment and custom decor complete with high-end finishes.

The Beauty Division


Manage your schedule. Set pricing. Sell retail products and grow your income.

The Beauty Division


Focus on the client experience in a setting free of salon drama and politics.

The Beauty Division


Work 24/7 but control visiter access with a video intercom in every suite.

Join Our Community!

Since 2012, The Beauty Division has led the growth in the Austin beauty industry's movement into salon suites. A movement where established cosmetologists, spa and wellness professionals who want more from their careers come together to build a community with like-minded persons.

The Beauty Division offers turn-key, premier style and spa studios having the luxury, privacy and security one would expect. Imagine… a completely private salon suite where everyone has the freedom to be their own boss, be creative and be independent… but not be alone!

At The Beauty Division, hair stylists, barbers, estheticians and spa professionals of every other kind flourish in their own salon business and avoid the hassles and drama that come with traditional salon ownership.

It’s a Suite Opportunity, and we invite you to get started now! Just Schedule a Confidential Tour and we’ll contact you to answer your questions and provide more information.

About US

In 2012, Salon Management of Austin LLC opened its doors as the very first franchise location of a national salon suite company, but has since terminated that relationship. Now we have reorganized, rebranded and relaunched as The Beauty Division.

Our mission has always been to empower the growing community of skilled individuals in the beauty and wellness industries as they embark on new career opportunities and self-employment. For years, we have focused on building the relationships and support groups, or “divisions,” of talented individuals working together towards a common goal while sharing the collective resources of each other in a professionally managed facility.

And today, that commitment continues as we grow together!